Ca' d' Gal Moscato d' Asti Lumine 2019

Ca' d' Gal Moscato d' Asti Lumine 2019

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Region: Piedmont/ Italy

Grape Variety:  Moscato Bianco or “Muscat Petit Grain”

Average age of vines: From 15 to 40 years


Cold winters and generally cool, with normal seasonal progression. Good rainfall, especially in the fall, summers are warm and dry with good humidity


In pressurized autoclaves temperature controlled stainless steel tanks between 16 and 18°C for the number of days required to reach an alcohol content of up to 5% and obtain the necessary perlage. The vinification process is completed in fifty days Bottling: Sterile filtration and pressurized bottling method ensures this wine will remain as fresh as the end of fermentation, which is perfect for keeping this wine in the best conditions. Moscato d’Asti “Lumine” is usually bottled at least three times a year


Our Moscato d’Asti Lumine is obtained from estate vineyards ranging between 15 and 40 years of age. The vineyards cover a large surface area and with a diverse composition of soil, which has led us to intensify our vineyard management and crop reduction, in order to obtain low yields and higher quality. To achieve the perfect balance between complex sugars and the right acidity it is important to choose the right moment to harvest every year to allow us to make a fresh Moscato with an intense, delicate and elegant bouquet. Aromas of acacia are accompanied by scents of sage, rosemary and musk while the fruit fills the palate with a finish of green apple, peach and apricot. The lively bubbles harmoniously support the presence of sugar and the persistent freshness. This Moscato is ideal for serving with traditional sweets made with hazelnuts, fruit tarts and cream, but also for perfect for adding sparkle to a bowl of mixed berries or a fruit salad.

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