Cat Seasons Lava Custard Mooncakes Boxset (4 pcs) + Ca' D' Gal Moscato d' Asti Lumine 2018

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🌟"Cat seasons Lava custard mooncake🥮 + Ca d' Gal Moscato d' Asti🥂" 🌟
As wine and cats lovers, we are delightful to launched the pairing set with 4 pcs of lava custard mooncake* and a bottle of refreshing moscato with exquisite packaging🎁! Cat Seasons would donate 15% of sale to Hong Kong Save Cats and Dogs Association (HKSCDA). Each purchase is meaningful to provide new hope to abandoned & mistreated dogs and cats.

*Postcard and 1 night FREE stay coupon at Cat Seasons included.


Lava custard mooncake are perfect match with Italian Moscato d' Asti. Hint of white flower notes with Honey and fruity flavour well paired with creamy custard. Thanks for the fine bubble to balance the sweetness of the mooncake. When you enjoy lava custard mooncake with this moscato d' Asti. There are full of flavors on the palate, rich and creamy but refreshing🐝

We hope everyone will enjoy our pairing recommendation and spend a meaningful mid-autumn festival with family and friends.🎆🎎🥂🥮🌝🎉

《貓季流心奶黃月餅+Ca d' Gal Moscato d' Asti》

作為愛酒的貓奴, 我們特別推出 《貓季流心奶黃月餅+Ca d' Gal Moscato d' Asti》的 pairing set, 附上精美包裝🎁, 希望大家享用美酒月餅的同時, 將呢份善心與親朋好友分享, 過一個別具意義的中秋佳節. 🎆🎎🥂🥮🌝🎉

溫熱的流心奶黃月餅配上意大利Moscato d' Asti 微汽泡甜白酒, 酒中微汽泡中和了月餅的甜膩感, 而蜂蜜和Muscat的甜美果香與幼滑的奶黃完美結合, 口感豐富, 甜而不膩.🐝

在享受的同時,別忘了散播愛心💝。貓季會將15%月餅收益,捐贈予香港拯救貓狗協會 (簡稱HKSCDA),以支持流浪貓狗福利工作,希望幫助浪浪早日覓得溫暖的家,真正的人貓兩團圓。

中秋Pairing set 包括:

1. 一支意大利Moscato d' Asti 微汽泡甜白酒
2. 《貓好月圓・季節限定》流心奶黃月餅:四件獨立包裝流心奶黃月餅(香港製造,不加防腐劑)
3. 貓季酒店一晚住宿券
4. 精美名信片・貓季鐵盒


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