Guatemala SHB Natural New Oriente For Wine Lovers

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Origin: Guatemala

Region: New Oriente

Altitude: 2150 mt

Processing: Natural Process

Varieties: Bourbon、Caturra

Roasted By: Ka Lok

Roaster: Fuji Discovery

Percentage of Secret Bean: 20%

Ground / Packing Date: Freshly ground and pack by order

Available day: 22 Apr 2020

Tasting Note:

Fruity: 3/5

Acidity: 2/5

Toasty: 4/5

Body: 4/5

Winey: 3/5

Aftertaste: 3/5



(Coming Soon)



New Oriente is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Guatemala. In the 1980s, responding to the increasing demand for specialty coffee, the region took off. These days virtually every mountain back yard is a coffee farm. Located over what was once a volcanic range, its soil is made from metamorphic rock. This makes it balanced in minerals and very different from Guatemala’s volcanic regions, which have all seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.

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