Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Terekech Werasa Grade 1 for Wine lovers

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Origin: Ethiopoa

Region: Yirgacheffe

Altitude: 2150 mt

Processing: Natural Process

Varieties: Heirlooms

Roasted By: Ka Lok

Roaster: Fuji Discovery

Percentage of Secret Bean: 20%

Ground / Packing Date: Freshly ground and pack by order

Available day: 20 Apr 2020

Tasting Note:

Fruity: 4/5

Acidity: 3/5

Nutty: 3/5

Body: 4/5

Winey: 2/5

Aftertaste: 4/5





Terekech Werasa's farm started in 1990. Having been wronged by brokers on numerous occasions, now she is taking the chance from recent changes in regulations to export directly with the help of Lalisaa project

The Lalissa Project helps smaller farmers export directly to an international market and gives access to farmer training at the washing and drying stations to ensure the farmers' hard work is processed perfectly.

For this natural coffee, they dried on African raised beds made out of bamboo, which takes 19 days to dry with 7 hours of drying each day.


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