Coche Bizouard Meursault 1er Cru les Charmes blanc 2012

Coche Bizouard Meursault 1er Cru les Charmes blanc 2012

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說到Bourgogne 的釀酒師, 很多人都熟悉 Jean-François Coche (Domaine Coche Dury), 他所醸製的meursault 動輒上千元一支, 但你對Alain Coche 的認識又有多少?

Alain Coche 是 Domaine Coche-Bizouard 這間超過70年歷史酒莊的莊主及釀酒師, 與 jean-françois coche 份屬堂兄弟關係。他們的祖父Leon Coche 早年購入多塊葡萄田並把部份贈予他的兩個兒子Julien (Alain 的父親) 與George (Jean-François的父親) , 他們繼承了葡萄田後便分別創立了自己的酒莊, 亦即是現在的 Domaine Coche Dury 和 Domaine Coche Bizouard。

Alain 是一位崇尚傳統自然的舊派釀酒師, 採用當地少有的釀造方法, 把白酒放於小木桶內發酵以增加酒體的細緻度和圓潤感, 至今Coche-Bizouard 於當地擁有多塊優質的葡萄田, 其中Meursault La Goutte d'Or 的樹齡超過60年, 所出產的的葡萄酒細緻多變, 極具陳年潛力。

Domaine Coche Bizouard 屬於低產量酒莊, 旗下擁有24塊葡萄田, 每年總產量只有 50,000瓶。由於風土條件和釀酒技術均與Comte Lafon十分相似, 因此亦有指其出產的Meursault能媲美Comte Lafon的, 喜歡蒙瓶試飲的朋友, Coche-Bizouard是不錯的選擇。

Fourth-generation vigneron Fabien Coche took over his family’s domaine in 2005. Hailing from one of Burgundies most famed families (Coche-Dury was part of the same domaine until 1940 and is run by his cousin Raphael), Fabien has quickly become the Coche of the current generation making the most waves. His enviable vineyard holdings total nearly 11 hectares spread across Meursault, Monthelie, Pommard and Auxey-Duresses.

Grape variety Chardonnay

Rating and reviews

From 100+ year old vines in this signature 1er cru site located on the Puligny Montrachet border. Located just below Perrieres, Charmes always shows a silkier texture and rounder finer texture and flavours making this one of the most seductive and indeed charming wines of the cellar. Shows real depth and dimension of fruit from the ancient vines, great finesse and very fine acid giving great length. A very impressive 1er cru.

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