Krug Rose Brut 27eme Edition (with Echoes giftbox)

Krug Rose Brut 27eme Edition (with Echoes giftbox)

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Music is a natural analogy to describe craftsmanship at Krug, guided by founder Joseph Krug’s unique principle of individuality.

This concept relates to the art of isolating each plot’s wine, like an individual musician, to identify with precision its unique melody. Only then can Krug Cellar Master Julie Cavil, like a conductor, audition them to determine who will together play in harmony.

Every year, her mission is to re-create both the dream of Joseph Krug to craft the most generous expression of Champagne, regardless of climate variation – Krug Grande Cuvée – and the vision of the fifth generation of the Krug family to create a bold and unexpected Krug Rosé composition.

Relying on her intimate knowledge of these individualities, she chooses those who will harmoniously perform together the new Editions of those two cuvées: Krug Grande Cuvée, The Symphony of Champagne by the Full Orchestra, and Krug Rosé, the virtuoso balance between substance and finesse by the Chamber Orchestra.


THE VIRTUOSO BALANCE BETWEEN SUBSTANCE AND FINESSE BY THE CHAMBER ORCHESTRAFor this Édition of Krug Rosé, Cellar Master Julie Cavil blended 38 wines, or musicians, from 9 different years, the oldest from 2005 and the youngest from 2015. Discover the Champagne’s vivacity, amplitude and boldness, with a liberated element of the unexpected, as interpreted by the collective of musicians in the composition, Joseph’s Theme: Freedom Variation.

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