Masi Mezzanella Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Amandorlato 2011

Masi Mezzanella Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Amandorlato 2011

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Masi Agricola is a wine producer in Veneto, northern Italy. It is famous for its Valpolicella wines. 

The estate is owned by the Boscaini family, who named it for the Vaio de Masi valley that was a part of the original purchase. Now, Masi owns vineyards throughout the region, including in the Bardolino Classico and Soave Classico DOC zones as well as in Valpolicella. Since the 1950s, Masi have had several "cru" vineyards, which make single-vineyard Amarone wines.

The Masi cellars are specifically geared toward the appassimento technique of drying grapes on bamboo racks. They are temperature- and humidity-controlled, with sufficient ventilation to allow for the drying of the grapes. These levels of temperature and humidity have been taken from historical vintages when the Amarone was of particularly high quality. Masi also uses a range of different oak treatments for its wines, and has a long history of experimentation with everything from fermentation to new clones in the vineyards.

A cru Recioto wine that stands out for particular complexity and for its characteristic almondy aftertaste. Its subtle charm is thanks to the well ventilated vineyards that allow it to go through ideal appassimento conditions. It’s also considered a real rarity.

The first impression on the palate is sweetness and richness. Then its seductive magic kicks in to make it more serious, drier and fuller. The final impression is of bitter-sweet tastes, such as in plain chocolate and high quality cigars.

Grape Varieties Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara.

Tasting notes
Look opaque ruby red with viscous texture.
Nose complex combination of baked fruit and sweet spices.
Palate full-bodied mix of dried plums and cinnamon. Fascinating aftertaste of almonds and intriguing bitter-sweet finish.

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